Thursday, January 25, 2007

OC Dunbar leaves for Minn

Back to football news,

OC Mike Dunbar is leaving Cal to take the OC position at Minnesota after one season. I think Dunbar regretted his decision to come to Cal for a variety of reasons:
1) Had he stayed at Northwestern, he would have been a favorite to become head coach after Randy Walker's sudden death.
2) He loves the spread offense and anybody watching Cal's offense certainly did not see a true spread or anything close to it.
3) He is a Midwestern guy and leaving home is hard.

While others are more critical of Dunbar, we appreciate his contribution to Cal and wish him well.

So who will take over now. Tightwad Hill has a great post on the topic, here. His choice is Ron Gould, current running backs coach, who would simply execute Tedford's offensive game plan. While I believe Tedford is the greatest offensive mind in college football, it would be interesting to bring in some new blood to try his hand with the offense. Someone who would run Tedford's pro style offense and add some wrinkle's of his own. No one comes to mind right now but this will be an interesting situation to watch.


Seth said...

I am sorry to say, you may die before you see a Rose Bowl. Reason being, well the tree sitters won today, and this stadium may now never be refurbished!

Anonymous said...

Mark Says:
January 30th, 2007 at 10:33 am
Plan 1 - Seriously Cal Fans en masse should organize, grab some chain saws and head up to the venerated grove of oaks in the middle of the night and start cutting down the trees. Yes, you will be stopped at some point and probably arrested, but hey, once you’ve desecrated and damaged the oak grove beyond repair, there will be absolutely no reason to stop the project. The tree huggers will be spinning their wheels.

To celebrate, run the remains of the trees thru a wood-chipper and donate the sacks of mulch to the universities landscape dept.

Go FootbalL!!!