Friday, February 02, 2007

New OC Jim Michalczik

Coach Tedford annouced that Offensive Line coach Jim Michalczik will be promoted to Offensive Coordinator replacing the recently departed Spread Dunbar. (ESPN article)

BERKELEY, Calif. -- Jim Michalczik became California's offensive coordinator Thursday after five seasons as the Golden Bears' offensive line coach.

Michalczik replaces Mike Dunbar, who resigned last week after one season to take the same job at Minnesota. Michalczik's promotion could signal a return to a more conventional Cal attack after the Bears dabbled in aspects of Dunbar's favored spread offense last season.

Coach Jeff Tedford is largely in charge of the Bears' offensive game plans, but believes Michalczik's tremendous success on the offensive line warranted more responsibility.

"He has an excellent understanding of our offensive philosophy, and he is very well-respected by the players and the rest of the coaching staff," Tedford said. "We have worked closely together with offensive game-planning, and we will continue to do that."

This is a great choice for new OC. Promotion within the program is always great and allows for continuity. It allows for a smooth transition between seasons and the player do not have to learn new schemes and play signals. Most likely, and in no way is this meant to diminish Michalczik contribution to the program, Tedford will take back play calling duties and return to his Pro Set offense. Tedford is an offensive mastermind and it will be good to see him lead the offense again.

One thought on the spread (or removal of the spread). True, we don't have a mobile QB (a la Pat White or Tim Tebow) to run a pure spread offense. But with Marshawn off to the NFL, it is possible that Forsett could have thrived more in the spread. Forsett hits holes quickly and runs North/South more than Marshawn did. Forsett has a build like Steve Slaton and could thrive in the spread. I don't know how well he will hold up a power run game. But then again, Cal is stocked, and I do mean loaded, at the TB position. You think Tedford is good at molding QB's, in 5 years Cal might be known as a tailback factory.

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