Monday, November 05, 2007

Shades of September or October?

With October behind us, Cal is starting November strong with a win against Washington State. Ok, maybe not strong, but a win is a win.

Why November will be like September:
- Defense had a great game. There were some fluke throws that went for big yardage, but that happened in September also.

- Zack Follett is back and bring the heat. Follett blitzing off the corner is one of the rare times that Cal gets pressure on the QB and can really affect a QB and the defense. Recall in the Tennessee game, his hit on Ainge and the subsequent fumble returned for a TD. Follett is a big time player that makes game changing plays so it is good to see him healthy.

- Kay was kicking well.

- Forsett and Jahvid had some nice runs. The running game drives the Cal offense.

- Winning is winning, no matter how you look doing it.

Why November will be like October:
- There appears to be an invisible wall that goes up once Cal's offense gets inside the 5 yards line. This invisible wall prevents any sort of run play from getting into the end zone. The wall appears at home and on the road. Gotta take down the wall somehow.

- Longshore still appears to be unable to make the throws downfield. His first interception was short and Hawkins looked like he was blowing by the safety but had to come back for the ball.

- Forsett is still struggling to gain yards. I believe without the 44 yard TD run, Forsett was averaging less than 3 yards a carry. Teams are stacking the line to stop the run and to get pressure on Longshore. Right now, the strategy is working.

- Trick plays work, if you expect only 7-13 yards gains. Reverses are all being sniffed out. Anytime Best touches the ball he is swarmed and has to use his natural ability to gain yards.

I like what I saw on defense, but the offense scoring only 20 points was disconcerting. The goal line situation must improve. And Nate has to hit the deep receivers.


George said...

First, let me commend you on the blog and especially the title -- I also want to see Cal in the Rose Bowl before I die. I though this was the year...but then again, I thought the same thing two years ago.

I think you nailed it about what's going on with Cal right now. I'd just add that Longshore seems to have lost not only his accuracy, but his fire. He's been flat the last few games. Also, I question some of the recent play calling. I'm still smarting after the UCLA game -- 4 straight runs up the middle with no TD. Pathetic!

George - class of '92

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