Monday, September 11, 2006

Cal Iron Man Team

So I have some time on my hands today so I decided, what would the team look like if I could only have eleven guys all playing both ways.

QB/FS - Nate Longshore (good QB, could be like Scott Frost at safety)
RB/SS - Marshawn Lynch (best RB in the nation, hard hitter: see Tenn game)
FB/ILB - Desmond Bishop (Would destroy linebackers trying to plug the hole, great tackler)
WR/DB - DeSean Jackson (best receiver, fast enough to cover)
WR/DB - Daymeion Hughes (2 picks last game = good hands)
TE/OLB - Cameron Morrah (Undersized DL in high school, could be converted LB)
OL/DL - Brandon Mebane (Too valuable to leave out)
OL/DL - Andrew Cameron (Great blocker, would probably love to hit someone)
OL/DL - Rulon Davis (I just like his story. I think he know what it means to be in the trenchs)
OL/DL - Worrell Williams (best athlete on the team, had to put him somewhere)
OL/DL - Mike Tepper (tough guy, see his story from last year)

List your own version of the Cal team or post your own school's iron man team.

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