Saturday, September 09, 2006

Welcome Bear Fans

After reviewing many blogs for the past months, I decided to throw my hat into the ring. Here is another Cal Football blog. It will not be fair and balanced but hopefully entertaining. So lets begin with the last game.

Tennessee Game
So I watched this game with high hopes and dreams of a national championship. I found very little to be positive about after the game. All this has been written about in national publications (I guess if we want to be considered a national power, we have to accept the hype and criticism that come with it) and blogs everywhere. Here are the only points I want to add:

1) Receivers dropping passes do not help a new QB get into a rhythm at a hostile stadium. Longshore might not be Aaron Rodgers but he deserves another shot.

2) I am a little concerned about the pass rush. Not sure how good the Tennessee line is but even if they are the best in the nation shouldn't our front seven be able to get more than just one QB hurry. I think I saw Ainge rub dirt on his jersey just so he could look the part.

3) Looking at the title of this blog you can see that the Rose Bowl is my ultimate goal. In that regard, we run the table, OSU or Texas wins out and West Virginia coasts through the Big East and suddenly we are in the Rose Bowl. Is that the weakest silver lining ever?

Thanks for reading and hope to post more.

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