Monday, September 11, 2006

Nice Win!

I was impressed by the Bears on Saturday. QB and receivers looked great. Marshawn was solid if not spectacular on some runs. Defensive line did a great job against a tough Minn O line. D Hughes was the All American we all know him to be. So was there anything to worry about?

Was not too happy to see Cameron go out with the ankle sprain. I think that had more to do with the fact that the guy has gone through a lot to come back (3 operations in the last year) and you want to see if go through this year healthy. Otherwise, it was the optimal game to bounce back with after Week 1.

Other musings:
1) So we lay an egg in game one and the national press if all over us. I think I read something in every publication about Cal and how we were overhyped. Then we go out and dominate a middle of the pack Big 10 team (which most claim to be the 2nd best conference) and nothing. No even a small post saying Cal bounced back. I am strictly refering to the sports columnists out there and not general AP wire posts. But it would be nice to have more balance. Then again, there was that little #1 vs #2 game that seemed to pop up everywhere.

2) For the 2 of you that read my post on ND vs PSU, I really messed that one up. I still don't know about ND defense but I am now sure that PSU offense needs some work. Lets see how the Michigan games turns out because I feel Mike Hart and Kevin Hardy can get some yards.

3) I am hoping Tenn bounces back from that near Air Force loss and destroys Florida. No I am not a Tenn fan nor do I hate Florida, but I feel like our loss is diminished if Tenn stays high in the rankings.

4) Lists
Most enjoyable game (non-Cal): Oregon vs Fresno St. (strange stuff)
Most boring game: Iowa vs Syracuse (clinic on how not to play offense)
Underrated: Extra Points (see BC vs Clemson)
Overratted: FSU (unless Troy is the new Miami I just can't see why that offense can't run the ball better)
All Heart: Colt McCoy (he made me a believer. Not the best numbers but I like the way he plays. One bad pick and if Pittman does not fumble near the goal line that is a very different ball game.)
Next UC Davis: San Jose St. (Stanford is making a lot of school look good these days. I believe they will become the first D1 school that D1-AA school will schedule to soften the schedule).

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