Monday, May 07, 2007

ROY - Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn has been getting a lot of mention these days as a top candidate for rookie of the year. Most people attribute this to his situation in Buffalo. Peter King writes,

7. I think they might as well go ahead and inscribe the Offensive Rookie of the year trophy with Marshawn Lynch's name. With a run-blocking offensive line coach in Jim McNally, two very high-priced line free agents in the fold (Derrick Dockery, Langston Walker) after being trained in run-blocking in their previous places, and the likelihood that Lynch will get 300 carries if he stays healthy ... I mean, unless Calvin Johnson catches 80 balls or some Hofstra receiver comes out of nowhere again, Lynch should win it in a walk.
True, Marshawn is going into a good situation. But those of us that saw him play, know that regardless of where he went, he would have put up huge numbers. Also, expect Marshawn to be popular in fantasy football drafts. So Bear fans, pick him early and watch him carry your team.