Thursday, May 10, 2007

So Little Cal News...

That we are resorting to finding the most minor tidbits to keep our readers happy. Oh how we hate the down time between the draft and college football season. To fill the void, I went to the Yankees baseball game last night and shouted "Go Bears". I was trying to stay in shape during the offseason and Jason Kidd was sitting one section over. (Seriously, down 2-0 to the Cavs and still going to baseball games.)

Back to Cal Football, Sporting News has its All Spring Team. Honestly, I have no idea how they rate performance from spring practice but our own Alex Mack made the first team. Congratulations Alex. Here is the full team with our own comments. (Full Link)

All-spring team


WR Arrelious Benn, Illinois, Fr. - early admit who is getting a lot of pub for catching passes against the Illini 2nd team defense.

WR Demaryius Thomas, Georgia Tech, Fr. - don't think he is going to make people forget Calvin Johnson.

TE John Carlson, Notre Dame, Sr. - Seems like he always has a big spring and just an ok fall.

L Jeff Byers, USC, Jr. - Former Gatorade High School Player of the Year as a lineman. Crazy...

L Ryan Stanchek, West Virginia, Jr. - I hear he really blocked well in the spring.

L Trinton Sturdivant, Georgia, Fr. - Gave up zero sacks in the spring, helped by the fact that the QB was wearing a red (no contact, do not touch me I am delicate) jersey.

L Eugene Monroe, Virginia, Jr. - No one run blocks better in shorts, t-shirt and a helmet than Monroe.

L Alex Mack, California, Jr. - Absolutely dominating (this is a serious comment).

QB Jake Locker, Washington, Fr. - Attended every practice, found his way to every class, and did not put on the freshman 15.

RB Antone Smith, Florida State, Jr. - FSU running game has only one place to go --> up.

RB DeMarco Murray, Oklahoma, Fr. - Made OU fans say, Adrian who?

I was going to do the defense but could not come up with any more clever things to say. Check out the full article if only to see that there is an honorable mention team.