Sunday, December 03, 2006

Are You Happy Now?

Let's say I told you before the season started that the following would happen for the Cal football team...

- Pac 10 co-champions
- Pac 10 Offensive Player of the Year: Marshawn Lynch
- Pac 10 Defensive Player of the Year: Daymeion Hughes
- Fifth consecutive Big Game victory
- #1 in the Pac 10 in offense
- DeSean Jackson returns 4 punts for TD
- Stanford only wins one game the entire year

Would you have considered that a great season and given up your left kidney? I would. (I am partial to my right kidney.) So to all the people out there crying about how the Big Game was too close and Cal is not going to the Rose Bowl, try to see the glass at 15/16th full not 1/16th empty. Enjoy a great year by your Bears and get ready for a great game against Texas A&M in the Holiday Bowl. This is a program that is continuing to reach new heights and the future looks very bright. Go Bears, Beat A&M.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ending the year like we did is great you are right. being pac 10 co champions is a feat, tedford is god and roll on you bears!

Anonymous said...

the "as long as we don't suck" we should be happy cal contingent lives!

fairviewbears said...

Dear Anonymous,
It's not about being complacent or being happy "as long as we don't suck," it's about recognizing how far the program has come in few short years that Tedford has been at Cal. For the past 5 DECADES, Cal had always been (at best) a marginal college football program. Under Tom Holmoe, Cal football was quickly sliding into the arena of absurdity and irrelevancy. In just 5 YEARS, Jeff Tedford has brought Cal into the national spotlight, and has Cal players and fans thinking Rose Bowl every year. In 2004 the Bears were a few shady partisan votes short of that goal. This year, the Bears came up just 15 minutes short in the LA Colosseum. (Or 1 drive in the Arizona game...ugh). Anyway, the point is, nobody who contributes to this blog is happy as long as we don't suck. We simply want to give some recognition to the achievements of the Cal team this year. And if you need any further proof that we aren't satisfied with the Holiday Bowl...just look at the freakin title of the blog. Go Bears!