Thursday, December 07, 2006

Is it too early to talk 2007 Heisman?

Apparently not, CFN has listed the top 26 players for next year's Heisman. Cal's DeSean Jackson came in at #11: (Full article)
11. DeSean Jackson, WR/KR California
A blend of Reggie Bush and Ted Ginn, Jackson will make everyone's highlight reel week after week taking the honor of being America's most electrifying player.
Marshawn Lynch was left off the list because CFN is certain he is jumping to the NFL, but he would have been #11 if he stays. Colt Brennan, Hawaii's recording setting QB, is on top of the list. Don't laugh just because he plays in Hawaii, David Klinger and Andre Ware both played for lower profile schools and put up some crazy numbers to take the Heisman. For Brennan to win would take a lot, but at least he is getting some early pub. When does go up for the Heisman campaign?


Anonymous said...

marshawn don't leave us

Ken Crawford said...

As much as I think DeSean could have a Heisman caliber year next year there's no way I see it happening. He would have to fight both the RB/QB bias and the East Coast bias.

Go Bears said...

I agree with you Ken. Unless, the McFaddens, Harts, and McCoys of the world suck it up next year, DeSean will have to be happy with the title of "Most Electrifying Player". The one shot he has is to have a huge (by huge I mean 1 punt return TD, 2 TD catches, 1 TD run on a reverse) against Tennessee in the opener.