Friday, December 22, 2006

Sorry for the lack of posts...

Interesting notes of lates...

- Stanford hires Jim Harbaugh as head coach. Perfect. If he performs even moderately well (.500) he will jump to any other job offered to him leaving the Furd back in the hole they currently reside. Harbaugh is a mercenary or better yet a whore, who will do anything for a bigger payday and more exposure. Good job Stanford.

- Byron Storer breaks arm and is out for the Holiday Bowl. We wish Storer the best of luck and thank him for his great work this season. (Interesting side story: the blog had a post about this news with a less positive tone about Storer. Follow the link and read the comments. It is an interesting debate about the younger generation of Bear fans and if they really understand how far the program has come. Read here.) There is also a diary entry about the topic that is interesting also. Read here.

- DeSean Jackson win Randy Moss Return Man Award. This was the first year for the award. Honestly, this should be renamed the DeSean Jackson Return Man award by next year.

- Recruiting news!!!
  • Devin Bishop commits. Younger brother of Desmond Bishop. Should be a solid contributor.
  • 2 Tight Ends commit, Skyler Curran and Savai'i Eselu. Cameron Morrah has the TE spot locked up until he leaves for the NFL, but we always need depth.
  • Jahvid Best, 4 star running back, commits to Cal (turned down USC and ND). Some are saying he is the fastest player ever to come to Cal. Yes, faster than DeSean. He ran a 10.39 in the 100 meter dash. Cal is pretty loaded at running back with Forsett, Montgomery and Slocum but who doesn't need a sub 10.5 100 guy to mix things up.
  • Terry Mixon commits. Younger brother of Tim Mixon. Will the Mixon brothers man both corners?
- 2 highly rated USC freshmen, Antwine Perez and Stafon Johnson, are looking to transfer. Looks like the luster is starting to fade. Expect Carroll to jump to the Arizona Cardinals this off season and avoid the sanctions imposed on the program after the Reggie Bush fiasco.

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