Tuesday, October 24, 2006

All Tedford Team

The guys at Tedford is God listed their All Tedford Offensive Team. It is a 2 deep roster of the best team from the Tedford Era (2002-present). Check out their team here.

Here is our All Tedford Team in response with some commentary:
  • Quarterback
    Starter: Aaron Rodgers - 23 straight completions vs USC in 2004, nuff said.
    Backup: Nate Longshore - Boller was great for only one season, this is a pick based on potential
  • Wide receiver
    Starter: DeSean Jackson - He might have just scratched the surface of his potential.
    Backup: Chase Lyman - If not for injuries could have been a starter on this team.
  • Wide receiver
    Starter: Geoff McArthur - Clutch receiver (see Big Game 2004). Nice complement to DJax's speed.
    Backup: Lavelle Hawkins - Went with potential here. Wanted to go with Bobby Shaw, a personal favorite, but he was pre-Tedford.
  • Tailback
    Starter: Marshawn Lynch - Has carried the team the last 2 games.
    Backup: J.J. Arrington - 2,000 yard rusher is the back up.
  • Fullback
    Starter: Chris Manderino - Solid blocker and better receiver than he gets credit for.
    Backup: Byron Storer - Good player, but with Manderino dominating the Tedford era, there were not many fullbacks to choose from.
  • Tight end
    Starter: Craig Stevens - More for his blocking. He has been mentioned many times as one of the keys to the running game.
    Backup: Garrett Cross - Best pass catching TE of the Tedford era.
  • Line
    Starter: 2004 unit - Amazing running attack and gave Rodgers plenty of time to pass.
    Backup: 2005 unit - 3 NFL draft choices.
I am assuming Tedford is God (great website name, by the way) will be posting an All Tedford Defensive team soon. So we will wait for them before posting our response. Feel free to comment with your own All Tedford Team.

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