Thursday, October 19, 2006

SI: Nate Longshore #7 QB

Sports Illustrated just listed the top 15 QBs in the nation.

Nate Longshore was listed at #7. Top 15 QBs

Here is the full list
1) Troy Smith - Ohio State
2) Brady Quinn - Notre Dame
3) Erik Ainge - Tennessee
4) Brian Brohm - Louisville
5) Tyler Palko - Pittsburg
6) Pat White - West Virginia
8) Chad Henne - Michigan
9) Chris Leak - Florida
10) John Beck - BYU
11) Colt Brennan - Hawaii
12) Chase Holbrook - New Mexico State
13) Kevin Kolb - Houston
14) Dennis Dixon - Oregon
15) Chase Daniel - Missouri

This is certainly not my top 15 QB's. I agree with the top 2 but beyond that it looks like SI was trying to appease some non-BCS/small conference gods. Here are some first glance comments:

1) Pat White is a running back. I don't care if he takes the snap, he is a running back in a wishbone offense. He is a great player but not a top 6 QB.
2) Brian Brohm has been injured and did not look that great last week when he came back. Is this based on reputation or actual play.
3) If this list was posted last week, I believe both Chris Leak and Chase Daniel would be higher.
4) Numbers 10-13. Who, who, who and who? Just kidding, I know who these guys are but top 15 in the nation. Maybe it is a down year for QBs.
5) Players I would have included - John David Booty (USC), Drew Tate (Iowa), JaMarcus Russell (LSU)


Jason said...

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iheartcal said...

I agree with your comment on pat smith. Hybrids should be in a separate category IMO.