Monday, October 09, 2006

Impressive Bears

My co writer will be posting an in depth review of the Oregon game. But I just wanted to give my general thoughts about the season so far.

1) Rankings - We started the season at number 9 and now have climbed back up into the top 10. I feel this is good progress. When the new BCS rankings come out I expect us to be similarly ranked. This bodes well for the end of the regular season. We run the table the worst we will do is the Rose Bowl. And judging by the name of this blog you can understand how happy that would make me.

2) Tennessee - Great win by Tennessee against Georgia. Putting up 51 against what was a top 5 nationally ranked defense (then again they played a relatively week schedule) shows that they are not a fluke. If Florida keeps winning and Tennessee wins out, I think the loss at the beginning of the season will be more acceptable.

3) Cal Defense - Looking better and better every week. I really like Follet coming off the end to add some more pressure. The hit he put on Rosario was bone rattling. But the play I like the best was Desmond Bishop coming up from his lineback spot, chasing down Dixon rolling out and spearing him in the legs taking him down.

4) Desean Jackson - The punt return was awesome. But the stop and go touchdown reception was better. The guy was playing 12 yards off him, he stutter stepped and crouched 7 yards in front of him and then blew by the DB. Then he made a great over the shoulder catch.

5) Cal Fans - It was great to see Memorial stadium rocking. When I was in school during the Holmoe years there were times when I thought it was louder in Doe Library. It is great to see the student section yelling their heads off and coming early to the game. Keep it up.

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CBS said...

Longshore is the most over rated player in the PAC-10 by far! His O-line gives him so much time and his receivers are too fast for any corner to handle. Don't expect an NFL career out of this guy.