Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Flag Planting

There is a great video clip on Everyday Should be Saturday

of Illinois attempting to plant their school flag on the S of Michigan St. field. Coming from Cal I know all about ridiculous celebrations:

1) 1997 Big Game - Cal loses in a close game. Stanfurd fans rush the field. Proceed to taunt Cal fans. Angry Cal fans tear down fence around the field, storm the field, watch as tearful Stanfurd students run away. Then proceed to tear down goalposts and carry one out of the stadium.
2) 1996 Big Game - Stanfurd mascot is assaulted. Nuff said.
3) There are countless more.

This whole planting the flag phenomenon which I see mostly in the Big 10 is ridiculous to me. Especially for an Illini team that for the season has little to cheer about. Maybe they take what they can get. Also, I find Michigan St. to be hypocritical for being angry about the flag planting since they gained fame after their planting of the flag at Notre Dame.

Last comment on this topic. The stomping on the logo in the middle of the field is also overrated. No need to anger a team you are about to play. While I like clever celebrations and grandstanding, I think this is something to be done after a score or a victory. Otherwise you just look like an idiot and Sportscenter clown on you all day (see Miami vs Louisville).

Preview of Oregon game coming up. We were going to put up a recap of the Oregon St. game but thought we should just direct you to the ASU overview which pretty much was the same. Go Bears.

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