Monday, October 30, 2006

Comments for All

So we know there is a small population of Cal fans that read this blog. But we were wondering why our site compared to others had very few comments. After all, user discussion is one of the best things about blogging.

We figured it out! The comments section is now available to "Anyone" not just "Registered Blogger Users". Let the comments flow like the small creek running through campus behind Dwinelle after a rainy week in Berkeley.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming - Cal Football:

So lots of talk this week about what the USC loss means. Does it really matter? Cal still has to win its 4 remaining games to assure itself of the Rose Bowl. Sure, there are other ways to get to the Rose Bowl (USC loses again) but lets do it the right way and win the conference with an undefeated record.

Did USC drop enough in the polls? Not really. But I can understand why voters are hesitant to drop a team too far, late in the season. If USC dropped to 15, then the voters would be admitting they knew about USC's deficiencies but did nothing to correct for those problems in previous polls.

We will have a preview on the UCLA game later in the week. But judging by talk so far, people expect a blow out. Also, there has been much talk about Karl Dorrell and his lack of coaching skill. I personally don't think the guy is a great coach but he is not Larry Coker. His starting QB is injured, his team had a letdown after a heartbreaking loss (it happens), and this is suppose to be a rebuilding year of sorts for them. Also, I like knowing that Dorrell will keep UCLA mediocre. You have to think that Tedford does NOT lose any sleep at night wondering if Dorrell will out coach him.

Question: Would you rather see the Bears in the Rose Bowl or the BCS Championship game? Looking at the title of this blog you know my answer. Feel free to comment, "anyone".


Anonymous said...

bcs - it would shock them all

Jason said...

Rose Bowl.



Rose Bowl!

Pete Morris said...

Another vote here for the Rose Bowl, earned the old-fashioned way: by winning the conference championship. No computers. No human polls. Just a simple matter of wins and losses. And for the record, Cal only needs to win three of its final four games to clinch a trip to Pasadena, as long as one of those three wins is against 'SC.

nick said...

I'd stick with the Rose Bowl. We'd deal with so much media scrutiny because of all of the computer BS. If we were undefeated I would say national championship game, but we haven't quite earned that this season.

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