Monday, August 27, 2007

The Herbies are out...

ESPN Gameday analyst Kirk Herbstreit has his own awards and Cal has done fairly well on the list. I always like Herbstreit because he has good analysis (having actually played the game) and is usually favorable in his assessment of Cal. (Read article)

Here are the mentions Cal received:
  • Best Wide Receiver - #1 DeSean Jackson
  • Dream Offensive Line - #1 Alex Mack
  • Best Tight Ends - #5 Craig Stevens
  • Best Quarterbacks (Old School: Classic Dropback Style) - #6 Nate Longshore
  • Top True Freshmen - Jahvid "the Beast" Best (in a previous post I noted that the best new nickname for Jahvid would be used and there was only one submission, so I am going with that. Thanks Rishi)
  • What's My Name (Players who will be household names by Oct. 1) - Justin Forsett
  • Favorite Playcallers - #3 Jeff Tedford
Some notes:
1) Nothing really new on the offensive side. DeSean and Alex Mack are on almost every list out there. It is nice to see Craig Stevens get some love.

2) I have no problem with Tedford at #3 for playcalling, except for the fact that USC's Steve Sarkisian is #2. Are you serious? Maybe in 5 years but not yet.

3) There is a section for Prettiest Coeds. The SEC dominates this list with 8 of the top 10. Must be something in the water down there.

4) No love for the defense. But don't worry, I imagine that a couple defensive players will make the year end list. Most likely candidates, Follet, DeCoud, Thompson.


fairviewbears said...

Yeah, I like Herbstreit too...although he's got nothing on Petros "the P" Papadakis when it comes to giving Cal it's due props (altogether more impressive given the fact that he's a former trojan captain, has a father and brother that played for the trojans, and actually transferred out of Cal).

The hype growing around Forsett is one instance of the media making me more excited about a Cal player than I would have been otherwise. While I always expected him to be able to do well in the offense, hearing so many outside analysts echoing the sentiments of the Cal Coaching Staff is really making me think that he's in for a monster year. Especially when I remember the fact that although Marshawn is undoubtedly a more transcendent running back than J.J. Arrington, Arrington is the one w/ the 2000 yd season to his credit. Should be one helluva year for the ground game.

dano said...

ummm ... damn Herbstreet ... what about the band? obviously GameDay needs to hit Berkeley in November.