Friday, August 31, 2007

Cal in the News


Ivan Maisel on Cal redemption

ESPN Cal vs Tennessee Preview


Stewart Mandel - Payback Time?

Luke Winn - Breaking down Cal vs Tennessee

Austin Murphy - Bring on the Vols

Sporting News

Matt Hayes - Week 1 and Done?

CBS Sportsline

Dennis Dodd - Cal vs Tennessee

CBS Sportsline - Cal vs Tennessee Preview

CBS Sportsline - Cal Golden Bear report - Inside Slant

Ok, I think you get the point. Huge Game tomorrow. Everyone will be watching. Go Bears.


Ryan said...
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Ryan said...

This has been bugging me from week 1 in 2006.. Has anyone noticed how uncool Longshore looks in that full facemask he wears? It might even be a lineman mask. Least of our concerns, i know, but i thought i'd bring it up.

For example, take a look at espn's stock photos..

Nate (goofy looking):

vs. a cool looking QB (i know, sam keller):

it might even imply something about his confidence, needing the extra armor. just a thought. if anyone know's him maybe they could casually bring up the issue. ha ha.


go bears

Anonymous said...

dude's got on an astronaut's helmet