Saturday, August 25, 2007

One Week Away

So close, yet so far, the first game of the Cal Football season is only 1 week away.

For those of you just chomping at the bit to see live action, the start of the college football season is only 5 days away.

Expect a lot of coverage on the Bears this week in the media. Cal vs Tennessee is the premier game of the opening weekend and should receive the bulk of the features. Should be great reading for Cal fans everywhere.

Side Note: For those of you that live outside the Bay Area and are not attending the game, what are your local alumni clubs planning for this huge game? I am in NYC and I am underwhelmed by the festivities. I actually have not heard of any large events planned and I know there is a large contingent of Cal fans in NYC. Am I a little early in my excitement?


dano said...

do this ... grab your nipple and twist it REAL F'n hard ... does it hurt? good, then you're alive and thus have no legitimate excuse for NOT attending the game

seriously, some fellow alum / (former) friends living in cali are not going to the game, and for that they will not be forgiven

either you're a fan, or you're not


Anonymous said...

Like your passion Dano!
Any Cal fan who has the means to go to the game and is not is a jerk! We need all the fans we can get to scream and scream and scream till they can scream no more! WHIP THOSE VOLS! MAKE THEM PAY FOR WHAT THEY DID LAST YEAR!



Trumanhugh said...

Dano is an idiot...the guy lives in NYC for crisssakes...NO, DANNY, YOU ARE NOT TOO EARLY IN YOUR EXCITEMENT, in fact, you're running a little should have something lined up and the NYC-Cal contingency ought to be ashamed of themselves for not getting something going by now...maybe it's because it will be on national TV and most people are just staying in??

Like last year in Knoxville, I'll be there live. Section FF, row 22...Cal-provided plastic megaphone in hand...watching my sturdy Golden Bears get redemption and some national respect for the Pac-10!

Danny said...

If I had the monetary resources to make it to the game, I would be there. But life is not always fair. I will look for Dano, Seth and Trumanhugh on TV. I imagine those three will be the crazy guys with their chest painted in blue and gold. I expect you guys to keep the noise loud and cheer the Golden Bears to victory.

Anonymous said...

Fo sho Danny! We got it covered!