Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Not Cal Related...

For most college football fans you either love or hate Notre Dame. They are overhyped, overrated and get way to much national coverage for a mediocre team. (I think you can see where I stand on them.) See the screenshot from Yahoo Sports headlines below.

Seriously??? That is news. Coach Weis is excited for 2007. Stop the presses. An actual news headline would be - Coach Weis is not excited about 2007 because he knows that his offense will sputter and his defense was never good.

We now return you back to your regularly scheduled Cal Football blogging.

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Anonymous said...

Last year, when we lost to USC in the 4th quarter, we dropped about 8-9 spots in the rankings.

Notre Dame got blown out by the end of the first half, and if I remember, they dropped 3-4 spots.

Both games were in LA.

Not that rankings are everything, but cmon. I wonder if anyone actually watches games anymore (I mean i'm sure they do but cmon).