Monday, August 20, 2007

Request for better nicknames

Daily Cal has an article about fall practice and the new rankings (#12 in both polls). (Read Article)

They also have a mention about freshman Jahvid Best and Shane Vereen and the nicknames they have been given:

Jahvid Best --> Jahvid the Jet
Shane Vereen --> Shane the Train
Dora --> Dora the Explorer

Compare those to past nicknames like:

- Marshawn "Money" Lynch
- DeSean "Tha1" Jackson
- Joe "Booya" Ayoob (ok, so that never caught on, but the other nickname he got is unprintable on this blog)
- Adimchinobe "Joe" Echemandu

If you have a better nickname for these players, drop it in the comments and we will use the best one everytime that player is mentioned on this blog.


Rishi said...

Jahvid "The Beast" Best

Danny said...

Note: having "the" in the nickname is not required.