Saturday, September 01, 2007

Cal vs Tennessee Prediction

With so much national coverage on this game, I am going to bypass doing a preview. If you are curious about either team read one of the links in the previous post and that should give you a good summary.

Just a few key points and a prediction

1) 3 experienced, fast Cal WR's vs 3 new inexperienced Tennessee DB's. Even with Tennessee All American safety Jonathon Hefney back there, this is a mismatch that will be exploited.

2) Cal QB Nate Longshore plays very well at home. He is comfortable and gets in a rhythm quickly. Remember the Oregon game last year? Big hype, national TV, Longshore just killed it.

3) Tennessee will be able to run the ball. Regardless of who is suspended, who is the QB, or who is new on the O line, Tennessee RB's Arian Foster and Monterio Hardesty run hard and are tough to bring down.

4) DeSean will be given opportunities to return punts. Tennessee has an All American punter (though slightly injured), they contained Jackson last year and Fulmer has stated that he will punt to Tha1. Expect Jackson to make something big happen.

5) The strength of both defenses's are the Linbackers. Tennessee trio Jerod Mayo, Ryan Karl and Rico McCoy will easily be the best linebackers Cal faces outside of USC. Cal's trio (while unproven), Zack Follett, Worrell Williams and Anthony Felder, by the end of the season will have established themselves as one of the best in the nation. These 6 guys are most likely the ones that will change the momentum of the game with a big hit, big play or turnover. My money is on Felder to have a pick 6 on a pass out to the flat.

6) Tennessee will not be intimidated by Memorial Stadium or Cal fans. I have been at Memorial when it is rocking, but it simply does not compare to what happened down South. The bigger factor will be that Cal is at home and will not be affected by noise.
But at the same time, Cal fans can make a difference by making noise, THE ENTIRE TIME THAT TENNESSEE IS ON OFFENSE. Also no more of that retarded BS on 3rd down where you clap your hand (does that even still go on?). Just yell as loud as you can.


Cal 38 - Tennessee 17

1st Quarter
- Cal: Longshore to Jackson TD pass (44 yards)
- Tennessee: Foster TD run (12 yards)
- Cal: Schneider FG (37 yards)

2nd Quarter
- Cal: Forsett TD run (5 yards)
- Cal: Jackson punt return TD (73 yards)

3rd Quarter
- Cal: Longshore to Hawkins TD pass (9 yards)
- Tennessee: FG (32 yards)

4th Quarter
- Cal: Forsett TD run (14 yards)
- Tennessee: Hardesty TD run (6 yards)

Go Bears!!!


Anonymous said...

Nice prediction... A bit lite on the score but you nailed the Jackson punt return. Good job!

Now, on to Colorado State. They looked pretty good in their debut in a (barely) losing cause against their in-state rivals. I'm a bit concerned about a Bear letdown and the higher altitude... you??

Pete Morris said...

Don't forget that Tennessee needed last-minute heroics last year to beat Air Force the week following their big season opener against the Bears. And that Air Force game was at home! I'm hoping the fact this game is on the road might actually benefit the Bears, protecting against inevitable complacency by requiring that whole stand-together-in-a-hostile-environment mentality. Go Bears!!

Anonymous said...

Colorado State is a potential Bear the first anonymous said: the letdown and the altitude may be a will the Rams' desire to get a "W," especially after a tough loss in overtime, but also because it's their home opener.

They faltered last season, but, as we should well remember, that isn't the norm for Colorado State. They've beat us before, so they won't necessarily be as intimidated to play us now.

Of course, the Bears of 2003 (who lost to CSU--at Cal--21-23, but ended the season 8-5, ultimately beating Virginia Tech 52-49 in the Insight Bowl), are a far cry from the Bears of 2007 (who just beat a very tough University of Tennessee, putting 45 points on a vaunted SEC defense).

Do I think we'll win. Of course! We just need do what we did last year and keep it all in perspective.

Go Bears!