Monday, October 01, 2007

Addendum to the Game Recap Post

One last quick comment on the game from last weekend (man what a that's not the comment, wise ass). I forgot to mention that I think it's safe to officially dub the Cal v. oregon games as rivalry games from now on. The furds will always be our primary rival...and they remain the only team in the Pac 10 that I enjoy see losing. usc isn't really a rival as much as a target...I mean let's be honest, we haven't taken out usc enough to be considered their rivals.

But oregon is a different matter. Four out of the last five Cal v. oregon games have been extremely competitive, and of course there's the myriad connections between the two programs. Basically, I'm starting to really look forward to this game every year...both in anticipation of a great match up and also with a bit of trepidation because they always play us so hard. Every blogger and his momma has recapped how close the '03 and '05 games at oregon were, we all know that in '04 Cal was a dropped pass away from an upset loss, and this last game was the most unbelievable game I've ever watched.

The rivalry with the furd has more to do with proximity and overall institutional prestige/principles (ie. Cal is a public school with an impeccable academic reputation, and has made significant contributions to every facet of American life...while the furd is merely a snotty private school named after an industrialist robber baron who made his fortune and fame off the exploitation and subjugation of Chinese immigrants.) Man I hate them, but back to the point...oh yeah, the oregon game looks like it's going to be a helluva ride for the foreseeable future; let's just hope they keep ending like they did the last two years.


SoCal Oski said...

Oregon a now an offical Rival?

Hmmm ... I don't know about that. But then I guess it depends on the definition. For me, a rival has to be someone toward which you have a considerable level of hate. I just don't see Oregon. OSU, U-Dub, Wazzou, Zona, or AssU as fitting that. Granted, we want to beat them every time, but there isn't that deep-down, searing, give-you-indigestion hatred toward them. Like when you see their colors, or hear their fight song you just want to scream and kick a kitten.

Now, $C, Furd, and Fucla bring that out. And with reason. $C because they are just so freaking arrogant (and because they totally own us). Furd, well, you already stated that one. And Fucla for their whingy, self-entitled attitude. And because they stole the colors (and pussied them up), mascot and fight song from us.

Oregon a rival? Nah. Oregon is a good team that brings a good game each year. But you need to hate rivals, and I doubt any true Blue (old, young, current, or future) will ever hate a duck as much as a condom, a tree, or a babybruin.

Go Bears!

PS: I got here from the AtQ site.

fairviewbears said...

Yeah, I see what you mean about the hatred. Personally I only feel that towards furd...fucla to a slightly less degree.

Time will tell whether or not oregon develops into a full-blown rivalry game...I just think that from how hotly contested all but one of the games have been in the last 5 years that this is the birth of a new rivalry. I'm sure that they're starting to hate us right about now...and if this last loss causes yet another tailspin, wow.

hopefully we never develop that same level of hatred(because we keep winning). Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Go Bears!!!

Accidental Guru said...
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Accidental Guru said...

I agree about the hatred. My brother is an SC alum so I know many of them personally and they do indeed hate Cal: as an institution, what it represents, the fact that we killed their '03 season.
It is true that we need more wins against them this decade, but there is no time like the present to work on that part of the rivalry.
I don't hate ducks, but I do hate losing to a team named after water fowl.

Anonymous said...

As an Oregon alum and fan I can say that we don't really care too much about Cal. It's nice that you've improved since Tedford arrived but beating Cal isn't something that drives our season. Plus, we already have enough rivals: UW and OSU. To a lesser degree we have a simmering hate towards 'SC, but who doesn't. To conclude, if you want Oregon to be a rival feel free but don't think that the rivalry goes both ways.

Anonymous said...

"beating Cal isn't something that drives our season."

Losing to us can sure as hell can end it though. Now all you have left is to look forward to winning the civil war.

fairviewbears said...

To anonymous duck fan...I think I didn't make it clear enough in my post that what I think we're seeing here is the BIRTH of a new rivalry.
(Btw, I'm going to overlook your slightly condescending tone and be complimentary about your program anyway) You guys have been running a successful program for a while now, and Cal is rapidly ascending through the college hierarchy.

What I'm saying is that there's no let up in sight for either program...therefore, it stands to reason that nearly every time we play each other in the future, there's going to be a lot on the line (ie. national rankings/recognition, Rose Bowl birth, challenger to usc...etc). If the games always have huge implications and are almost always hotly contested...what more do you need?

Anonymous said...

a duck fan here...

I don't see even the beginning of a rivalry beyond the typical contempt for someone in your conference. I think we ducks respect Cal, especially since we know how good Tedford was when we had him on our side. But all Cal has done is beat us on the football field. Rivalries take hate from off the field, and that's why the Fuskies will always be our rivals. Not even the Beavers come close.

Don't you guys hate Stanford? I know they're terrible right now, but trust me, Oregon doesn't need more people to hate. Our purple and gold neighbors to the North provide that just fine.

Anonymous said...


Rivalries are generated by common crossings and common achievements. UO vs. UW or OSU is more common than UC vs. UO. Rivalries need to extend beyond the field, they go into other sports, the board room, business deals, EVERYTHING in life a rivalry can permeate. CAL vs. OR is not a rivalry...its a very good, competitive, respectful contest on the FOOTBALL field. FL vs. LSU is not a rivalry; MI vs. PSU is not a rivalry; CO vs. OK is not a rivalry...all of these are however very competitive games.

Anonymous said...

Cal's rivalries are:

1. StanfUrd: academics, regional proxiemity, student historicals, public vs. private, business crossings.

2. fUCLA: little sister school, academics, student historicals, business crossings.

3. U$C: private vs. public, athletic prowess, North vs. South.

Pete Morris said...

While I agree that there's always a little something extra in the air when UCLA or USC are on the other sideline, there's only one true rival in my mind: the 'furd. Sometimes my brain says otherwise, but the Cardinal is the one and only Pac-10 team I NEVER find myself rooting for. Hell, I even root for Notre Dame (!) when they play Stanford. I can't honestly say that about any other team in the Pac.

Anonymous said...

How does anyone NOT think this has become a rivalry??

We all HATE Oregon and they all hate us. I want them to lose whenever they play. I hate their "O" and I hate their colors.

Maybe this has more to do with my living in Eugene for four years, I don't know. What I do know is that they remain a major obstacle--year in and year out--to Cal's winning the conference.

And not just an obstacle. Hell, all nine teams are obstacles. Oregon, like $C (and sometimes fUCLA or ASU), is a major hurdle. Competitively, the Ducks are about as equally matched to Cal in all areas, which is why this series continues to be so tightly contested.

No, Oregon is a rivalry. And it will be as long as the head coaches are named Tedford and Bellotti.

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