Monday, October 29, 2007

Another disappointment, liver is hurting...

Here is how I watched the game on Saturday, which started at 10:15pm EST.

First Quarter:
- Late dinner at home. Opened up a bottle of wine with the meal.
- Defense came out attacking and was getting great pressure on the ASU QB. While some of the drives stalled, the aggressive play calling on offense was great to see. Happy times. And the wine is pretty tasty too.

Second Quarter:
- Finished off the bottle of wine and opened a bottle of rum a friend brought me from Puerto Rico. Mixed it with some coke to keep energy level high.
- Great catch by Jackson in the corner of the end zone. Celebration.
- ASU is starting to come back.
- No worries, into the locker room up at the half.

- Man, this rum is pretty good, I think I will have some more.
- Tedford looks pissed. That is good. There are going to be some sick halftime adjustments and the Bears will come out roaring. Raise a glass to that.

Third Quarter:
- Bottle of rum is quickly disappearing...
- Ahhh, Follett tackle the ball carrier not the pile. 4th and 1 and we had them stopped. ASU TD, they take the lead.
- Alcohol is really beginning to take a hold of me. Nate appears to be throwing every ball off his back foot and side arm. Must be the alcohol, right?

Fourth Quarter:
- Rum is gone, frantically searching home for more alcohol. Ah, jackpot, bottle of Bacardi in the back of the freezer.
- Why can't we move the ball?.... Wait, Jackson is open... Nate sees him... Just hit him in stride... that looks short... really short... Interception???
- Defense Bears, Defense (clap, clap)... ok, maybe not.
- Thinking to myself, why is the middle so open for ASU, but we can't get anything down the middle except for that one Stevens reception?
- Is that really three in a row?

Post Game:
- Blindly texting friends with nonsensical messages like, "Dude, I need to live one more year. Do you think I can do it?" or "Is there an NYC to El Paso, non stop flight?"
- Friends have all turned off phones. Can't tell if it is because of game or because of me.
- Pass out

A better look at the game from a more lucid state of mind, later today.


Anonymous said...

People are too sad to leave a comment on this evocative post me thinks.

Pug said...

Why dont' we throw over the middle anymore? Just asking. Seems like Lavelle used to make some great catches deep down the middle and Stevens has pretty much been the invisible man this year.

Don't book a flight to El Paso. We ain't gonna make it. Looks like the Emerald Nut Bowl to me.

Anonymous said...

Cal is Cal. Always has been. Probably always will be. Good news: money saved on another Rose Bowl parade/game trip we don't have to take. Hope to live another year.

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