Saturday, October 20, 2007


Ok. let me admit first where I was wrong

- UCLA rushing defense is much better than I expected. They held Cal RB's to less than 100 yards and that is an impressive feat.

- Patrick Cowen is better on one leg than most QB's. That guy made the plays when he needed to and kept the Bruins in the game.

- Cal's defensive line is not better than I expected. There was little to no pressure on Cowen from the D line. The only pressure seemed to come from the LB's and they were sent only a couple times.

Honestly, I can't believe we lost this game. I was surprise to be up by only one at the half but I figured that halftime adjustments would be made.

Give all the credit to the Bruins, who played well and showed that when their defense is playing up to their talent level, they can be dominating.

I don't really know what else to say at this point. This loss is WAY more disappointing than last weeks loss to OSU. Perhaps I can live another year so I can see a Rose Bowl before I die.

(More lucid and rational commentary once these feelings of dread die down and I am able to think more clearly. I need another drink.)


My said...

I feel like we need to change the name of the site to Rose Bowl Before The Sun Expands Into a Red Giant and the Earth Is Burnt to a Crisp.

Anonymous said...

Longshore proved in this game that he is a terrible QB on the road. Always has been and always will. He doesn't have velocity on the ball and can't throw the out patterns that Rodgers loved so much.

Tedford also gets much of the blame for playing such a conservative gameplan. We obviously couldn't run it, WHY WEREN'T WE PASSING DOWN THE FIELD?! Argh.

Anonymous said...

not to pile on but also... our defense is horrible. I cannot tell if it is talent level, lack of experience, or immaturity because Gregory is the work DC in the conference. When you have an injured QB you freaking blitz! but Gregory's theory is bend don't break which basically means, sit back and pray the offense makes a mistake. Also, I never liked having a coach by the OC. Its human nature to make dumb decisions once in a while (a la Tedford's conservative game plan) so you need someone with the authority to say "thats a dumb idea!" If you have an OC, he can do that.Other than that, hope DeSean stays and wait for next year. Is it bad to hope we lose to ASU and SC to send a message to Tedford that things need to change?

Anonymous said...

There are two things keeping us from being an elite national program:

1) Gregory. No need to make an argument here. Everyone knows he needs to go. "Bend but don't break" is the equivalent of playing a prevent defense the entire game. It prevents you from winning. Defense is about taking names and kicking ass.

2) Longshore is not, and was not, ever the guy. He has a strong arm but is immobile and can't play on the road. Kevin Riley may be the guy.

Anonymous said...

Longshore, is that french for Telegraphed Pass coming your way (on both of Verner's picks)

Did I actually see Tedford get outcoached by Radio? I must now set myself on fire!!!!

Anonymous said...

I thought, when Dorrell tried to convert a fourth down by trying to draw us offsides, "Man, his REALLY is a horrible coach." And he is. JUST AWFUL!!

Then he beat us.

Why weren't we passing the ball? fucla's rush defense is even better than Oregon State's and Tedford calls running plays throughout the entire game?? fucla's pass defense is marginal, at best, and Tedford calls running plays throughout the entire game??

And I gotta agree with 7:04 anonymous...I think it's time to look at our defensive strategy. There was ZERO (Cal) defense through most of the game. We let Khalil Bell run the ball at will, and we rarely got in Cowan's face.

Why not take on a Tebow-Leak/Dorsey-Perriloux twist, and alternate QB play accordingly? Riley proved last week that he can run the ball (and throw it, too), while Longshore, who stinks on the road, usually plays smarter when passing.

I still think the Rose Bowl is possible (remember, $C lost to Oregon State and fucla last year and still made it to Pasadena), but it is a WHOLE LOT HARDER. Everyone else has to start losing, and the biggest games for most are still ahead of them.

I also believe we can beat Arizona State. We have to; it will not only keep any RB hope alive, it will be another solid road win, which we desperately need.

Is this our "Oregon season"? Obviously, we beat Oregon, but--like the Ducks did last year after their Cal loss--we seem to be in a tailspin. (Is it too soon to use that word?)

I am sick about this loss. There isn't a wrose-coached team in the conference (country?), and they got the best of Tedford and my sturdy Golden Bears.

If I had to make a prediction today and I were and Oregon Duck fan, I'd be booking my January plane ticket for the New Orleans (or Pasadena at least).


Rishi said...

Was I watching a different game than you guys?

Longshore was not terrible. The first interception wasn't entirely his fault. The second interception was the result of (take your pick) either Longshore being forced to make a pass when we should have passed earlier or when we should have run and taken a field goal. He threw some great passes, passed for great yardage, and him and Jackson were on fire for a while.

And now Longshore is not the answer? Last week, we would have won the game if Longshore played instead of Riley. Come on.

UCLA is a very inconsistent team. Lose to Notre Dame, beat Cal. Beat USC, lose to Florida State. It just sucks we were on the receiving end of it.

UCLA needs to lose a few more conference games and we can still be in position for an at-large bid. Only if the breaks go our way. I only care that adjustments are made, though.

Bottom line, this was the "No Excuses" loss. No "oh, letdown game" or "looking ahead" game or "our starting quarterback was down" or "our receivers were injured" or "oh, it's USC - at least we played them close" or "hostile environment on the road with a new starting QB and our starting CB is injured". (Bonus points if you can match the excuse to the letdown). There were no excuses this time.

Brandelyn said...

Ah yes, the Cal football bandwagon shows its true colors again. Yes we lost two games in a row in the most painful way possible. Yes there were a lot of mistakes, but let's keep in mind, this is college football. If this current season has taught us anything its that anything can happen. I love that Rishi pointed out the obvious...the season is not over. All true blue cal fans are dusting off their hurt and focusing on next week. We have a chance to beat Arizona who is ranked very high. And let me also point out the fact that even after two loses, Cal is still ranked in the BCS. Nothing short of a miracle in my book. So bandwagoners please take your negativity somewhere else. We have a huge game this weekend and a lot of football left to play. Go Bears.