Monday, October 08, 2007

Bye Week was pretty exciting

Seriously, no game but a damn exciting weekend for Cal football.

- Cal moves up to number 2 in every major poll.

- Stanfurd upsets U$C (at the Coliseum) with a backup QB that attempted 1 pass before this game.

- UCLA loses (at home) to previously winless Notre Dame. Keep Karl Dorrell. Cheers up Bruin fans, basketball season is just around the corner.

- Arizona St (new trendy pick in the Pac 10) struggles to beat Washington St.

- Tennessee crushes Georgia. Thank you Tennessee. Also, watching Tennessee pound the ball against Georgia makes Cal's run defense look even better.

- Dinged up Cal players got an extra week to rest up before the stretch run.


my-cal said...

So I'm conflicted about this upset by the furds ...
Can someone please tell me how I should feel about this?

By the way, did anyone else catch the reaction during the LSU vs. Florida game by LSU fans when they heard USC went down?
That was a great game and I gotta give props to Florida.
And is Les Miles a genius or a lucky SOB?
Either way, he's one cocky mutha ...

Nate said...

I'm happy that USC lost, but the taste is soured by Stanford being the one to bring them down. Underneath the euphoria of the Trojan loss is this fact: We need to bring it to the trees of during this year's Big Game.

Pete Morris said...

If the Stanford win--combined, of course, with Bears victories down the road over both the Trojans and Cardinal--means USC being relegated to El Paso or Las Vegas or even San Diego, then I'm all for it. Let that lunatic Harbaugh enjoy some time in the spotlight.

And my-cal, I agree. I can't remember any coach taking so many stupid gambles at the end of the game. Not only the 4th-down attempts when a field goal would have sent the game to OT (at home!), but also the replay challenge that risked a precious time out to get (incorrectly, I think) a whole seven yards of field position. The scoreboard doesn't lie, and the Tigers won, so I'll begrudgingly give him his due for being so boldly confident. Still, I'm inclined to call him lucky rather than smart.

While you get the sense that Jeff Tedford has never done anything without first analyzing the potential risks and rewards from every conceivable angle, Les Miles clearly is a man to act/speak now, think later. That sure would make an intriguing coaching matchup in January at the Superdome.

SoCal Bear said...

I was at the Furd v U$C game. There was no joy in watching that damn Tree and the Fighting Harbaughs revel in their victory. I guess I believe our rivalry with Stanford trumps all others and definitely do not subscribe to the whole "USC (or Oregon) is now our true rival" dogma, which appears to be starting to take hold. (The fact we went 3 - 2 against SC under Holmoe was little solace for his 0 - 5 performance against the Furd)

Anyway, looking at the glass half full, if the SC loss shakes their confidence a bit and causes them to lose one or two more games all the better for the RBBID crowd, i.e. Cal's odds of making the Rose Bowl improve -- Great! And, if Palo Alto High's win serves notice to the rest of the Pac-10, especially our Golden Bears, not to overlook the Furd, all the better. (Cal's lackluster play against the Cardinal last year comes to mind. Mix in some INTs and poor coaching decisions a la USC - like throwing on 3rd down with 3 mins left instead of running down the clock with a run, punting and backing an inept offense deep into it's own territory - and we could have had Cal 26 - Stanford 27 and The Ax sitting in the PA - perish the thought . . . thank goodness this is just a hypothetical)

SoCal Bear said...

This may have been brought up already, but I thought this might be of interest to some given prior posts. Sfgate podcast dated 10/8 suggests that pic in "On This Team, They Fight For That Inch" shows our favorite Chronicle sportswriter witnessing firsthand Ezeff's hit on Colvin to secure the Bears victory (see portly fellow above Ezeff's helmet).