Friday, October 19, 2007

Cal vs UCLA Prediction

Perhaps my prediction earlier this week, 56-13 Cal over UCLA, was a little high. High but not unreasonable. Here is why.

Why UCLA will only score 13 points...

- UCLA's QB situation consists of these options
1) a one legged back up
2) a walk on that turned the ball over 4 times against Notre Dame
3) a QB turned WR turned QB (though still behind the walk on)

- UCLA's starting running back, Chris Markey, is injured (he might play but is listed at 4th in the depth chart and can't really plant his foot.)

- The Bruins' offense has scored 16 offensive touchdowns this season.

Let's just say that I don't see the Bruin offensive machine kicking into high gear this week.

Why Cal will score at least 56 points...

- UCLA's defensive line has been decimated by injuries. This was a strength of the defense.

- UCLA's defense ranks 9th in the nation in rushing D. Good for them. Oregon St. was ranked 3rd in the nation in rushing D and Forsett had no problem getting his 150 against them.

- Cal offense should score 35 points on its own. (2 Forsett TD's, 1 Jackson TD, 1 Jordan TD (possible Stevens TD here), 1 Best TD off a long run)

- UCLA will turn the ball over at least twice (one of which will result in a defensive TD)

- Special teams will produce a TD (Jackson, Hawkins, Best... it is about time one of them broke another one).

- Hmmm... ok I will lower the prediction to 49 - 13.


Christopher Neal said...

Wow! This prediction was definitely wrong.

Adi said...

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