Thursday, November 16, 2006

Cal in the News

So apparently there is this other game also playing this Saturday. It is getting very little press coverage but you might catch it on your local TV station. Some schools called Ohio St. and Michigan.

While we are about to play the biggest game in school history (well as long as I can recall, which is not that long) the entire nation and the national media is obsessed with this other game. I think ESPN did an article on what type of jock strap Ted Ginn Jr will wear to the game. This was right below the 4 articles about a OSU - Michigan rematch in the championship game.

For those of you looking for actual Cal vs USC news and articles, please check out The California Golden Bear Football News. Many, many articles about Cal listed on that site. Hope to post more of our own insight later tonight. Just thought some of our readers needed their daily fix of Cal news.

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fairviewbears said...

04 was bigger