Thursday, November 02, 2006

No More Non-Cal Predictions

Not to say that I have been accurate in predicting Cal games, but after that West Virginia - Louisville game I am officially retiring from picking non-Cal games (at least for this week). Final score of the game 44-34, Louisville wins.

Where I was right:
- Louisville was not able to stop West Virginia's running attack. Slaton and White both rushed for over 150 yards and score 5 rushing TD's combined. What did slow down the attack was a weak left arm which caused Slaton to fumble twice.

Where I was wrong:
- Brian Brohm is not playing well and will not play well. He threw for 354 yards and a TD. So I guess that is pretty solid.

Last Thoughts:
It is now a much more interesting BCS race, in my opinion. If West Virginia had won this game, I definitely saw them running the table. But now, Louisville is playing an undefeated Rutgers team next week on Thursday. This is a prime opportunity for an upset of a team coming off a big win. If Rutgers knocks of Louisville, does a possibly undefeated Rutgers team deserve a spot in the national championship. Remember the 1-10 Cal season? The 1 win was against Rutgers. We own Rutgers.

Coming soon, Cal vs UCLA preview, stay tuned.

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fairviewbears said...

hells yeah we OWN Rutgers!!! ahaha...memories of the crazies on tightwad