Thursday, November 02, 2006 ranks top 15 WR - DJax #10 release its list of the top 15 college wide receivers. Our very own DeSean Jackson came in at number 10. Click here for article.

Here is the list:
1) Calvin Johnson - Georgia Tech
2) Dwayne Jarrett - USC
3) Jeff Samardzija - Notre Dame
4) Mario Manningham - Michigan
5) Adarius Bowman - Oklahoma St.
6) Robert Meachem - Tennessee
7) Sidney Rice - South Carolina
8) Jaison Williams - Oregon
9) Steve Smith - USC
10) DeSean Jackson - Cal
11) James Hardy - Indiana
12) Jarett Dillard - Rice
13) Sammie Stroughter - Oregon St.
14) Jason Hill - Washington St.
15) Ten Ginn Jr. - Ohio St.

My comments:
- Tenn Ginn Jr. is #15? I have never been a huge fan of Ginn. I always thought he was a little overrated for the numbers he put up. But, barely making the list? I think he is definitely in the top 10.
- Again, if this list was compiled last week... Does James Hardy make the list? Great game against Michigan St. but this is the first time I have seen him on any sort of WR list. Also, Sammie Stroughter is getting a lot of credit for that game against USC last week.
- Adarius Bowman had two great games this year, one for 166 yards with 1 TD and one for 300 yards with 4 TDs. Only problem was those against Houston and Kansas, respectively. Against, better competition, Texas A&M and Nebraska, he average 67 yards a game.
- Calvin Johnson #1??? Yes, he has great size and amazing speed. But, the best WR in college football does not lay a big goose egg against Clemson. Actually, he did have one carry in that game but it was for -4 yards.
- DeSean Jackson #10??? He is definitely top 5, at least. He has been quite the last two games but I think he will have some great numbers down the stretch.
- Living off last year: Dwayne Jarrett and Jeff Samardzija. Steve Smith is the best receiver on USC and Samardzija is 64th in the nation in receiving yards, behind two of his fellow receivers. Both are in the top five strictly based on reputation and hype.


Anonymous said...

honestly, i'm just happy we're on the list.

Go Bears said...

Some people I thought should be on the list but were left off.

- Limas Sweed (Texas)
- Anthony Gonzalez (OSU)
- Ryne Robinson (Miami OH)
- Mario Urrutia (Louisville)

Anonymous said...

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