Monday, November 06, 2006

DeSean Jackson Punt Return TD vs UCLA

This was a fantastic return step up by the most vicious block I have seen in a long time. Two other things to note.
1) Jackson is never touched on his punt return. This is due to great blocking and amazing speed.
2) UCLA needs to get trainers that are going to help their players not hurt them more.

Game recap coming soon.


my-cal said...

Yeah that was a crazy hit by Thomas DeCoud. If you look at the footage, the UCLA guy fainted in front of 4 UCLA trainers and 3 of them rush to help but 1 dude just sauntered over taking his sweet time. Cold blooded.

bloggerz said...

that was a crzy hit actually demolished bosworth. poor freshman.

KYBruin said...

I'm a UCLA football fan, and enjoyed reading your post about Saturday's game up at Cal. Obviously I wish the outcome had been different, but I think you guys have just a super, excellent team - and will be pulling for you guys in the whole BCS mess!

- Jon