Thursday, November 09, 2006

Random Thoughts

- FoxSports has a list of the top 25 mascots in college football. Colorado's Ralphie, a huge buffalo, is rated #1. Oskie did NOT make the list. Unbelievable. More unbelievable when you consider that USC's horse came in at #16, WVU's bearded man was #11 and Stanfurd's Bush was #19.
(Click here for full list.)

- The LA Times has an article about Karl Dorrell and his lack of emotions. My favorite paragraph is the following: (Click here for entire article.)
The emotions remain tucked behind Dorrell's game face. No extravagant smiles or grimaces as he walks the sideline. Hard to tell, at any given moment, whether his team has just fumbled or scored a touchdown.
The writer talks about Dorrell stoic nature as just his personality and that it is a reflection of his childhood. Maybe, he just does not realize that a fumble is bad and that a touchdown is good. UCLA fans have started a petition to have him fired. I was thinking the rest of the Pac 10 should start a petition to keep him at UCLA.

- The Tightwad Hill blog has a great piece that breaks down Cal's chances of receiving some individual awards at the end of the season. Interesting to note that Cal has won only one significant award and that was Deltha O'Neal in 1999 winning the Mosi Tatupu award for top performer on special teams. Maybe, significant was an overstatement on my part.
Also, Tightwad Hill is doing a countdown on the top 50 greatest Cal football players. Last update was #34 - Geoff McArthur. (Click here for blog)

- Mel Kiper, the ESPN talking head for the NFL Draft, has listed the top 8 underclassmen in college football. You would think that Marshawn Lynch would easily make this list. You would be wrong. Kiper is an idiot.
The list includes: Calvin Johnson (Georgia Tech), Jake Long (Michigan), Sam Baker (USC), Alan Branch (Michigan), Glenn Dorsey (LSU), Adrian Peterson (Oklahoma), Ted Ginn Jr. (Ohio St.) and Reggie Nelson (Florida).
For all the hype he gets, I hope Calvin Johnson gets drafted by the Detroit Lions and he can disappear into the same abyss that Mike Williams, Charles Rodgers and Roy Williams fell into.


Anonymous said...

OSKI IS THE BEST - he's the mr. rodgers of mascots

Go Bears said...

Based on these mascot ranking, if Cal had a real bear on the sidelines I think we would surely be number one. But Oskie is the best.