Friday, November 17, 2006

Cal vs U$C Prediction

Final Score: 35-24, Cal over USC

How it will happen:
First Half
7-0: Marshawn Lynch on a short TD run on the opening drive.
7-7: JD Booty to Steve Smith on a slant in the red zone.
14-7: Nate Longshore on a long pass play to Lavelle Hawkins on the right sideline.
14-10: USC kicker will kick a field goal.

Second Half
21-10: Fumble by Chauncey Washington on a hit by Desmond Bishop and picked up by Zack Follett and taken to the house. (Or DJax punt return of 68 yards).
28-10: Longshore 12 yards TD pass to Jackson lined up in the slot on a corner route to the back of the end zone.
28-17: JD Booty to Fred Davis for 5 yard TD pass.
35-17: Marshawn Lynch 34 yard TD run after breaking 3 tackles against a worn down USC defense.
35-24: Washington will run for a meaningless TD late in the 4th.

Of course there is room for variation. For instance, Marshawn final TD might be for 36 yards instead of 34. Go Bears, Beat $C.


Anonymous said...

Um, turns out there was a lot of room for variation. Please don't die in the next year, I can't wait for SC to rip your heart out again next year. But hey, that's mean. Happy Holidays!

Displaced Trojan said...


Go Bears said...

Nice to see Trojan fans are such gracious winners. Thank for reading the blog.

nycfan said...

you are displaced for a reason dick

Anonymous said...

nycfan, sounds like you are a displaced fan calling another a dick, nice comeback. And Mr. go bears, you can expect Trojan fan to be a gracious winner when you are not so gd cocky before the game.