Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Interesting Side Bet for the UCLA game

From the Long Beach Press Telegram,

Van benched self

After UCLA cornerback Rodney Van was beaten on a 34-yard reception by Washington State's Jason Hill, he made a decision he believed was heady, and in the best interest of his team.

Van benched himself. He was already beaten for three touchdowns in Saturday's 37-15 loss, and the 34-yard catch was the third straight Wazzu play on which Van gave up a completion.

Van worked with UCLA's first-team defense at practice, and is gearing up to face the Pacific-10's top passing team this Saturday at No. 10 California.
Wow... I have all the respect for Jason Hill, after his game against us last year, but imagine what DeSean will do to this guy. So here are the following bets you can make with your friends.

1) Which quarter will Van bench himself against Cal? I am going with the 2nd quarter.
2) What DJax move will make him quit? I was going to say the "hitch and go" he pulled on Oregon, but I think more crushing will be the "I am going to run by you and there is nothing you can do about it".

Please feel free to add your own bets or odds on the comment section.

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