Friday, November 03, 2006

Odds and Ends

Interesting tidbits and side notes:

- Lavelle Hawkins has a sprained ankle and is not expected to play in Saturday's game. In my earlier preview, insert Jordan anywhere you saw the name Hawkins.

- There is a petition going around to save Tightwad Hill. I have seen quite a few games from the hill and would hate to see anything happen to it. It is a unique experience that is definitely part of the Berkeley culture. Read article here.

- The Cal offense if no laughing matter. Or is it.... click here to read more.

- Jeff Tedford is 0-4 in LA. This was a surprise to me after I read it somewhere. But looking back, all four games were close.

2002 @ USC, 30-28: Kareem Kelly's phantom TD catch. No instant replay that year.
2003 @ UCLA, 23-20 OT: Aaron Rodgers last second TD pass to force OT. Missed field goal off the post to end the game.
2004 @ USC, 23-17: First and goal from the nine yard line late in the game. USC barely survives.
2005 @ UCLA, 47-40: Cal jumps out to a big lead and it slowly slips away. Maurice Drew single handedly wins the game.

The streak ends, this year, at the Coliseum.

- As of this morning there were still tickets available to the game. Hopefully, those have been snatched up by now. This is a big game on ABC. It was great to see the stadium full (early), rocking and rolling at the Oregon game. Let's keep it up.


Anonymous said...

save the hill - do they have an online petition??

Go Bears said...

This is the link for the petition.