Thursday, November 09, 2006

This Week = Upset Week

Oregon vs USC (Line: USC favored by 8)
I think Oregon will beat USC on Saturday. The USC pass defense made Oregon St. QB Matt Moore look amazing two weeks ago. Dennis Dixon should be able to shake off a couple weak games and gain yards through the air. More importantly, the Jonathon Stewart/Dennis Dixon running attack should be able to control the clock and keep Booty and Co. off the field. Also, what does a 42-0 victory over Stanford really tell anyone about a team.

Final score: 38 - 27 Oregon over USC.

Rutgers vs Louisville (Line: Louisville favored by 7)
In another upset, I am going with Rutgers over Louisville tonight. As I look across the river, towards the great state of NJ, it just seems like something is in the air (besides chemical residue). Louisville is coming of a huge win over WVU and is poised for a letdown. Ray Rice should have a great game against a bend and break Louisville defense.

Final Score: 28 - 17 Rutgers over Louiville

Tennessee vs Arkansas (Line: Arkansas favored by 5.5)
Okay, so this one is not an upset. But, many people are underestimating Arkansas and they should solidify their spot in the SEC championship game here with a win. Darren McFadden is on a tear and the Arkansas rushing attack is really clicking. Also, they appear to have upgraded at QB by putting in the backup Dick. Tennessee is coming off a tough last second loss to LSU. They have no shot at the SEC championship game and are probably looking at the Citrus Bowl. Tennessee will come out flat and Arkansas will roll.

Final Score: 31-21 Arkansas over Tennessee

Upset Special: Northwestern vs Ohio St. (Line: Ohio St. favored by 23)
Why? Because this is what college football is all about. Huge unexpected upset by underdog teams led by scrappy players. Also, because everyone will forget in a week that I picked this upset, if OSU wins. But, if Northwestern pulls off the upset, it will be remembered all season long.

Final Score: 24-21, Northwestern wins on a last second field goal.


Displaced Trojan said...

What is your record making these picks? Just asking because Louisville is making you look like an idiot right now.

Anonymous said...

lol @ displaced trojan

Go Bears said...

one for two in Big East games. Glad that Rutgers pulled it out. We will see how the other picks turn out.

Anonymous said...

sc youre a chump

Cal Fan said...

Quite funny that the SC fan does not have the balls to post a message after the Rutgers Louisville game :)

Anonymous said...

what are this weeks powerball numbers?