Friday, November 10, 2006

Does Cal have a shot at the National Championship?

This is an interesting question now that Rutgers beat Louisville on Thursday. Let's take a look at what needs to happen for Cal to make it into the top 2, if only because if makes for interesting discussion.

1) The loser of the Ohio St. vs Michigan matchup on Nov 18th is blown out and drops significantly in the human polls.

2) Arkansas loses to Tennessee or LSU then beats Florida in the SEC Championship game. Auburn, by virtue of not playing in the SEC championship game, is not moved up in the polls.

3) Texas loses to Nebraska in the Big 12 championship game. Nebraska did nearly beat Texas earlier in the season.

4) USC loses to Cal.

5) Notre Dame loses to USC.

6) Rutgers does not get respect and is ranked below Cal in the human polls or Rutgers loses to West Virginia.

If all this happens, then Cal will be in the National Championship game. Impossible you say? Well, after seeing Rutgers start the season 9-0, anything seems possible. But, in the end, the focus for this season should be the Rose Bowl and this week Arizona. Just thought it was interesting food for thought.


my-cal said...

... yes you are a genius for picking the rutgers upset.

In a tribute to the number 7 arm-wrestling movie of all time, I will "Over The Top" you by calling out some other upsets.

Michigan loses to Indiana
Texas loses to K State
Auburn loses to Georgia
Florida loses to South Carolina

Cal follows the yellow brick road to Arizona, woot!

Pete Morris said...

Maybe this is just preemptive sour grapes, but I really do think/hope the answer to your question is "No", as in no chance for a BCS title shot this year. I want the Rose Bowl, plain and simple. I would even be willing to trade the biggest upset loss in Big Game history for a win over SC and a trip to Pasadena. On second thought, no I wouldn't. But I do really, really want to see the Bears finally play someone other than UCLA in the Rose Bowl, and to do so on January 1.

Go Bears said...

I'm with you Pete. I want the Rose Bowl more than a national championship. Imagine if Longshore had not been injured last year, we could of had both in one game.