Friday, September 14, 2007

Cal game on TV in South OC

Been pretty rough trying to find a bar that televises the game this weekend. Just wanted to let any readers who are in Orange County (or any LA people who don't mind an hour+ drive) that Oggi's Pizza in Mission Viejo has confirmed that they are televising the game tomorrow. Assuming that there are any readers in the vicinity of Mission Viejo, I'd urge you all to go out & become regular patrons of Oggi's. I've only tried their food once, and that was in SD before the last Holiday Bowl...but the pizza was really good & they've got a good selection of beers.

But the real reason that I'm telling you guys to go out to this place is that the owner/manager/or whoever I spoke to today on the phone was incredibly helpful. When I originally called, they told me that they didn't carry the channel for the game, but instead of just saying sorry...this guy actually called up DirecTV and ordered the expanded package! Granted, I think this is the only game we have on Comcast this year, but I was blown away by this guy. Now THAT is what you call customer service. So yeah, go out and support Oggi's Pizza in Mission Viejo (the Orange and Tustin branches were not so accommodating).


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