Wednesday, September 12, 2007

DeSean Jackson: Get him the damn ball

Everyone wants to see DJax get more touches per game. Cal fans, Cal coaches, Cal players, ESPN Sportscenter annoucers, etc. Let's look at the numbers for DeSean Jackson after 2 games.

- 9 receptions, 84 yards
- 3 rushes, 99 yards, 1 TD
- 3 punt returns, 101 yards, 1 TD

15 touches over 2 games (that is including punt returns) for a Heisman candidate is too low. Of course there are reasons for this...

1) DeSean Jackson is to blame - 70+ yards plays do not make for long drives and eliminate touches for everyone.
2) Too much talent - Jahvid Best had his own 60+ yard play and once Cal gets up, Forsett and Montgomery, grind out yards, move the chains and eat up clock.
3) Too many options - The attention paid to Jackson leaves other receivers open. Sometimes, wide open. It is hard to complain when a QB checks down to the man with no one standing around him.

Notice I did not put "He is being double teamed" as one of the reasons. Tha1, regardless of the defense, has the skills, speed and experience to get open. The only number that really needs to go up are his receptions. Here is what I think would be ideal.
  • 8 receptions per game based on getting thrown to 10-12 times per game
    • at least 3 attempts downfield
    • a couple screen
    • a couple outs, comebacks
    • a couple posts
  • 2 carries per game
    • reverses
    • pass thrown behind the line of scrimmage
  • 2 punt returns per game
    • team will not punt to him but some might end up returnable
    • Cal defense has not YET shown the ability to make teams punt a lot
As a WR it is harder to guarantee touches, but 10 per game is a reasonable expectation for a player of his caliber. Or next time he busts a long run he should stop and kneel at the 5 yard line. Then Coach Tedford can call a play for him so he can get the 5 yard TD reception.


fairviewbears said...

I'm sure Keyshawn would agree.
20 bucks says someone takes your kneel @ the 5 thing seriously.

Tim said...

I am unconvinced that they are checking off of him, I don't think he is the primary receiver in our offense is all. I saw him standing open a few times in the CSU game where Nate forced the ball into a less-open option.

Not sure if this is a Nate thing or if we just aren't gearing our passing offense to DeSean.

nick said...

desean- "shit man, i ain't running cross da middle, no post no slant no nothing. i got me my $$ already"

fairviewbears said...

Excerpt from the Shreveport Times...

Jackson's six returns for scores are both school and conference records and have come on just 29 tries. By contrast, NCAA record-holders Wes Walker of Texas Tech had eight on 152 returns and Antonio Perkins (Oklahoma) had eight on 113 attempts.


Anonymous said...

He was not a go to guy because Tedford hated the fact that D Jack was getting so much attention and credit. So he tried to prove that he could win games with out him. unfortunately for the fans it back fired and we have to wait until we get two guys like Jackson so he can not pass to one and pass to the other and keep them at odds so he can still be in control.