Tuesday, September 04, 2007

So you want to get a jersey

This post is based on the odd penalty that Cal received for having 2 men on the field with the same number. Also, this is dedicated to the guys over that the California Golden Blog who have some sort of infatuation with jerseys.

So, you are pumped about that big win over Tennessee and you are ready to move to the next stage of fandom. You want to get a jersey. No more T-shirts for you. First thing to remember is that some players wear the same number. Why get Follett's 56 when you can Hawkin's and Peele's #7 for the same price? So here is the guide:

The Gold Standard
#1 DeSean Jackson and Worrell Williams
You will be a dynamo on offense and a beast of defense. It does not get better than this.

Planning for the Future
#5 Cameron Morrah and SQT
They are good now, but they will be great (All American great) in 2 more years. Just about that time, your jersey will have that distressed, broken in look of a true fan.

Double Dip
#4 Thomas DeCoud and Jahvid Best
You wear the number of the team leader now and you get another 2-3 years wearing the number of Cal's next Heisman candidate.

True Cal Fan
#2 Bernard Hicks and Robert Jordan
You are not about the media hype or the flashy names. You are all about heart and grit. Pick up this jersey to show off your knowledge and dedication to Cal football.

The Big Boi
#77 Michael Costanzo and Mark Gray
Admit it, you are no longer the 165lb freshman you were in college. Life has taken its toll. Embrace the extra pounds you have on your frame. Get a lineman number. Show that you are a guy that lives in the trenches.

The "I need this jersey to last me through 2010" jersey
#13 DJ Holt and Kevin Riley
Buy it now, ignore your friends when they ask you who you are wearing. Then in a couple years, you can shout it from the rooftops, "Starting quarterback and starting middle linebacker, punk."


my-cal said...

Please my friend, you were never 165 lbs in college ...

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