Sunday, September 09, 2007

Marshawn Update

My respect for Marshawn has always been huge...but after watching highlights of his first NFL start & listening to his first post game interview...I've gotta say that it's grown even more. Marshawn carried 19 times for 90 yards and scored the Bill's lone offensive TD. The touchdown came on a 23 yard run to the right side, and Lynch finished it in classic style by bowling over one defender and carrying another into the endzone. Unfortunately for Lynch, the Bills lost on a last second field goal by Denver's Jason Elam.

In his post game interview, Lynch was his usual humble self. He gave credit to his offensive linemen, singling out the RG, who paved the way for his TD run. And he said his motivation was the guys who weren't able to make it to the NFL, including the former teammates who recently got cut. Marshawn even had a few awww shucks, Forest Gump moments when he said that "mamma said there'd be days like this." He also showed that he's got some media savvy when he jokingly chided a reporter for asking him to divulge details about the play book...or as Lynch put it, "How you tryin to get in our play book...I can't be puttin the playbook on blast though!"

Overall, Lynch had a solid first effort. He scored the first of what ends up being an NFL career record for TDs. And he showed that he's still humble, hungry, and knows how to joke around with the media. Those of us who were fortunate enough to watch him play for Cal know that he was nothing like the monster that the media tried to portray him as during the pre-draft hype. I hope his success continues, and although I'm a die hard niner order for a Bills jersey will be going in tonight.

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