Friday, September 14, 2007

Cal vs La Tech

Most non-Cal fans expect this game to be a blow out. Cal fans, as we are apt to do, are worried about another let down or a possible trap. Afterall, Louisiana Tech took Hawaii to overtime and Cal struggled against Colorado St.

But, there are some good reasons why this game will be a blow out.

1) Cal is playing at home - Coach Tedford is great at home, Longshore is even better. Expect big numbers from the passing game
2) Louisiana Tech is traveling a lot and generally has not played well on the West Coast.
3) Cal is coming off a near letdown and Coach Tedford has been on the team all week.

Lastly, I know less about La Tech than Colorado St. So, I can not provide much insight this week. But I will give my detailed prediction of the game scoring summary (Cal only).

Final Score: Cal 59 - La Tech 28

Scoring by Cal
1st Quarter
- DeSean Jackson, 53 yard reception on a go route down the sideline.
- Justin Forsett, 18 yard TD run
- Anthony Felder, fumble return for a TD

2nd Quarter
- Lavelle Hawkins, 4 yards TD pass on a slant, set up by a long run by Forsett

3rd Quarter
- DeSean Jackson, 62 yard punt return for a TD (though I can see Hawkins taking a kick off to the house this game)
- Jahvid Best, 26 yard TD reception on a screen pass
- James Montgomery, 4 yard TD run

4th Quarter
- James Montgomery, 22 yard TD run on a swing pass from Kevin Riley.

Looking back at the previous game predictions, I was actually close on some plays. Then again, a broken watch is right twice a day.


Anonymous said...

James Montgomery's nickname is reportedly "Mini Mall." The name came from the Youtube sensation Flea Market Montgomery ads.

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