Thursday, September 06, 2007

I admit it...

I don't know squat about Colorado St. I even had a cousin that went there and I still don't know anything. So I read some articles and here are some nuggets to tide you over. Hope to have some better analysis tomorrow.

- The air is thinner there. This will affect visiting teams and their ability to breathe. On the other hand, Longshore should be able to heave the ball 90 yards to DJax on the fly.

- CSU has an awesome QB to TE receiving combination. Mr. TE meet Mr. Follett, Williams and Felder. Prepare to get lit up on some of those catches across the middle.

- CSU lost last week to in state rival Colorado on some special teams miscues. Hmmm, if only Cal had some way to take advantage of weak special teams.

- CSU has a workhorse for a running back. Last game, Kyle Bell rushed 40 times for 135 yards. If only Cal RB's were more workhorse like and grinded out yards rather than picking up chunks of 10+ yard runs.

- Pundits, fans and bloggers are calling this a trap game. Coming off of a big victory then playing a lower ranked but dangerous opponent is a trap for losing. Historically, Cal, under Coach Tedford, does not lose "trap" games and is well prepared. (The Arizona loss was a looking ahead loss, totally different situation.)

- Damn, that Tennessee win was nice.

- CSU is on an 8 game losing streak dating back to last season. Crowd noise should not be a factor as the game is not sold out and the stadium holds less than 35,000.

Yeah, I know, this was not the best of posts but some of us are still basking in the glow of last Saturday. If you suffered through the Holmoe years for your entire time at Berkeley, you deserve a little extra. Also, it is Colorado St., it is not like we are playing App St.


fairviewbears said...

We should play up the revenge angle for the entire non conf. schedule...first we avenged the loss to the vols...this weekend the Bears make up for the 03 loss to weekend Tedford erases even more of the holmoe era by getting payback for the 97 loss to la tech. Come to think of it, this whole season is about payback. No more looking past 'zona, usc gets what's coming to them, we'll finally beat fucla @ the rose bowl...& then we win the real game @ the rose bowl in Jan...sounds good to me.

Pete Morris said...

Believe me, those of us who suffered through the (insert random Cal coach here) years feel the same.