Friday, September 14, 2007

Random Notes

Some general notes and thoughts since we did not have time to post much this week but still had things we wanted to say.
  • Nate Longshore has a blog. Not much up there but you can stalk him from class to class on Tuesday and Wednesday. (Official Blog of Nate Longshore)
  • Some of you may already know about this blog but I stumbled onto another great one, Oski Talk.
  • La Tech head coach Vince Dooley coached Lavelle Hawkins when he was a freshman at LSU. He also recruited DeSean for LSU. Wow, LSU could have been the Cal of the South.
  • The Daily Cal thinks that Coach Tedford needs to be more tricky. Like us, they want to see DeSean get the rock more. Unlike us, they recommend flea flickers and half back options as possible ways to get DJax the ball. (Daily Cal)
  • "Coach Tedford be more tricky" continues the proud tradition of Daily Cal excellence. (Daily Cal)
  • Any thoughts on how dominating our LB unit is? Follett was huge against Tennessee, Felder was even better against Colorado St. and Williams was a rock in both. Even Moye came off the bench last week for a great pick. I am a big Follett fan but Felder is catching up quick.
  • Who will be the starters on the DL when Pac 10 play starts?
    • Rulon Davis, Tyson Alualu, Matt Malele, Cameron Jordan?
    • Rulon Davis, Mika Kane, Matt Malele, Cameron Jordan?
    • Rulon Davis, Mika Kane, Matt Malele, Tyson Alualu?
  • Is Notre Dame vs Michigan the biggest hyped game between two winless teams in the history of sports?
  • Go Vols, beat Florida on Saturday.
  • Anyone think that Cal's RB trio will be more well regarded than Cal's WR trio by the end of the season?


fairviewbears said...

Our LB's are awesome...I hope Alualu is in the mix on the D Line.

Yeah, overall screw the Michigan/Notre Dame game...if I had to pick, I'd root for've gotta love any team that plays in blue & gold(maize...whatever)...I'm talking proper blue, not that baby blue garbage you fucla retards.

Also agree that the RB's are going to be more highly regarded by season's end...but that might just be my affection for the run game.

Oh, and yes, go Vols! SEC Title for the boys from Rocky Top...stomp lsu in the championship game.

Jenn said...

What I learned today - Nate Longshore does pilates.