Friday, September 21, 2007

Cal vs Arizona

Why Cal will win?
- Cal is looking to redeem itself from last season's loss to Arizona
- Cal is playing at home.
- Arizona lost to New Mexico (at home)
- Mike Stoops is becoming Karl Dorrell-ish in his coaching abilities

Why Cal might lose?
- Cal decides to play 9 on 11 to save players for the Oregon game (seriously I think Cal could win playing 10 on 11).
- Nate Longshore attempts passes only with his left arm.
- Coach Tedford decides to call only one play all game, the QB kneel down.

What to watch for?
- DeSean Jackson WR Cal vs Antoine Cason DB Arizona
Both grew up in LBC and know each other socially. Both are rated #1 at their respective positions. Both had big games last year.

- Willie Tuitama QB Arizona vs Anthony Felder LB Cal
Arizona is now running a spread offense and passes a lot. The DB's will be tested but the linebackers will be forced to cover shallow crossing patterns and RB's out in the flat. Felder needs to continue his great play especially if Follett sit out the game.

- Lavelle Hawkins WR Cal vs 1 yard line
Hawkins tripped over himself at the 1 yard line in last years game costing the Bear's a TD. He is looking to redeem himself this year. Also, he wants Cal fans to join him in his Hawk dance.

- Conservative game plan
Again, why open up the playbook too much before the Oregon game? But expect some big gain from Cal's playmakers off some of these "unimaginative" plays.

Go Bears!


Anonymous said...

found the LaTech@Cal torrent.

John said...

Who's tha 1?

Jahvid Best stats at the end of the 1st quarter vs. Arizona:

ATT 1, YDS 1, AVG 1, TD 1 LONG 1

Anonymous said...

How about:

1. USC
2. LSU
3. OK
4. WVU
5. Cal
6. Florida

I'm just sayin'...

Florida 30 (4-0)
Mississippi 24 (1-3)

Anonymous said...

Hey recap guy - you're fired! Wheres the recap!!!