Thursday, September 20, 2007

This was interesting...

In another attempt to rank the conferences and focus on the SEC vs Pac 10 conference battle, SI writer Bill Trocchi did an interesting experiment. (Click here for full article)

For this particular exercise, I forwarded Ken White, the senior oddsmaker for Las Vegas Sports Consultants, 10 hypothetical matchups. Keep in mind that White's company sets the odds for 90 percent of the casinos in Nevada. These matchups were created by the following: The teams in the SEC and Pac-10 were ranked 1-12 and 1-10 based on's current 119. In an effort to be as balanced as possible, the SEC's sixth and seventh teams (Arkansas, Kentucky) were thrown out. So the top five teams in the SEC were matched up against the top five teams in the Pac-10, and the bottom five teams in the SEC were matched up against the bottom five teams in the Pac-10. Seems fair, right?

White then provided his line for each game, should the teams meet this Saturday on a neutral field. Here are the results:

USC over LSU by 3.
Florida over Cal by 3½.
Oregon over Alabama by 3.
South Carolina over Washington by 8½.
Arizona State over Georgia by 1.
Tennessee over Washington State by 7.
UCLA over Vanderbilt by 7.
Oregon State over Mississippi State by 7.
Auburn over Arizona by 4.
Ole Miss, Stanford is a pick-'em.

- I am surprised that he picked Florida to beat Cal by only 3.5 points. The way the Florida has been playing I would have thought that would be closer to 5 or 6 points.
- Utah over Vandy by 45
- Would anyone even want to watch Ole Miss play Stanfurd?


willie said...

I wouldn't watch Ole Miss play Stanfurd...but I'd bet on Stanfurd. For one they're smart enough to sense reality and they destroyed SJSU and pitched a shut out. Yeah, Pac 10 Football! Go Bears!

Anonymous said...

i hate to say it, but the pac-10 is way overrated this year. we're the clear 2nd best team and i'd be really nervous to see us play anyone in the top 6 of the SEC. tennessee lit us up and theyre a bottom dweller this year...

Anonymous said...

...and of course, any team in the SEC, after Florida and LSU should be nervous playing Cal....

Anonymous said...

FYI guys, found the LATech@Cal torrent.

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