Wednesday, September 19, 2007

So many weapon...

But only one ball. We wrote last week about wanting to see DeSean Jackson get the ball more. There have also been quite a few comments from Cal fans about getting Jahvid Best the ball more. So we broke down last week's game to see how Cal distributes the ball. (Note: I did this pretty quickly using Yahoo's game log so the numbers could be off. I also omitted the Kevin Riley sequence at the end of the game.)

Number of plays = 66
Rushing plays = 33
Passing plays = 33

Comment: You have to love the balance of Tedford's offense.

Rushing Plays
Forsett 23
Best 3
Montgomery 2
Ta'ufo'ou 2
Jackson 1
Z Smith 1
Longshore 1

Forsett should average 20-25 carries/game as the featured back. This game, he was right in that range. Best only had 3 carries but with his skills everyone wants to see him get more touches. But to get Jahvid more touches it requires taking away opportunities from other players.
Do you take carries away from Forsett? Best coming on a reverse means that Jackson is not. Also, there will always be a couple hand offs to the fullback for the tough yards and to keep the defense honest. (Check out this post on California Golden Blogs to understand that last statement better.)

Passing Plays
(Incompletions) 10
Hawkins 6
Jordan 6
Jackson 5
Stevens 2
(Sack) 1
Best 1
Young 1
Ta'ufo'ou 1

The big 3 WR's got an equal number of catches. I think the expectation is 15-20 catches between the big 3.
The TE combo had 2 catches (both to Stevens). I think the TE's should get about 2-5 catches per game.
Best had 1 catch, that went for a touchdown. (He makes the most out of his opportunities)

There is a lot of balance in this offense and with the playmakers Cal has it is important to spread the ball around. For every additional touch Best receives, that is one less for Jackson, Hawkins or Forsett.
I think we as fans have to look at things more situationally. For instance, DJax is going up against Arizona's Antoine Cason (possibly the best corner in the nation) this week. This could lead to less touches for DJax but the other weapons will be utilized more. Against a stout run defense, Cal might air it out more.
In the end, this is a good problem to have. There was a time when the punter was the most dynamic player on the team.


fairviewbears said...

Nick Harris for MVP!!! I think he actually just got an extension

Ragnarok said...

oh man, i remember the nick harris era. never a good sign when your team's pocket schedules are featuring your all-american punter...

TwistNHook said...

The ladies LOVED Nick Harris. I mean LOVED!

Danny said...

It always nice to write a post and all the comments are in reference to the one line at the end.

Ryan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ryan said...

longshore needs a higher completion rate. we have maybe the best offensive line and receiving corps combination in the country. he should be having gaudy stats that are more a credit to the team/scheme (see brian brohm), but so far he's been above average at best. sad but true. i hope he steps it up and shows poise come oregon...

TwistNHook said...

You bring up Nick Harris and expect us all NOT to go crazy? C'mon, dude! This is Nick Harris we are talking about. Back when I was at Cal, he was it. It. Marshawn, DeSean, and LaShaun wrapped all up in one.

Danny said...

I agree. I had my "Harris for Heisman" signs and still remember the game against the Illini, where he put 7-8 punts inside the 20 and was on Sportscenter.
Maybe we should do a what if post: DeSean Jackson vs Nick Harris.

TwistNHook said...

Was that the game against Illinois where we won on like a last second sack? I think that wasnt on TV and we were following it online. Brutal ending, but we won. If I Remember Correctly, that is.

Danny said...

No that was 2003, the week before we beat SC.
Harris for Heisman was in 2000 when we lost on the 2 pt conversion being batted down.
Harris punted the ball a total of 12 times. Ten of his punts were downed inside the Illini 20-yard line. Nine were downed inside the 10. And five landed inside the 5-yard line.

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